626 Night Market 2014

Here we are again. My super favorite Night Market is back! This year, we promised to try new things instead of going back to the old ones, except for the stinky tofu and Ron's sugar cane juice! Please excuse the pictures if they're not up to the usual level of clarity, my iPhone's camera is slowly giving out on me. But on the plus side, they don't look too bad! :)

Popping Fishballs
This intrigued me, and I am so happy that Ron ordered food from this place. This place had 4 kinds of popping fishballs; crab eggs, shrimp roe, meat and caviar. I loved everything and this was my favorite out of everything we tried that night.

Squid Roe
Here's the deal, they put a cleaned and cut open squid in a batter and deep-fry it. One order is $5 and Ron and I needed the help of my family, my cousin and our friend to finish it. Haha! It was delicious, and for $5 it was worth a try. The fried batter was perfectly crispy that I would honestly eat it even without the squid...if only it were not made mostly of empty calories.

Green Cube's Stinky Tofu
Unlike last year, this year's deep fried stinky tofu had a more fermented taste to it.The after-taste is much stronger this year. I still enjoyed it though, and their huge serving is such a great value especially when you have friends who are interested in trying that stinky food that you like so much.

Mango Smoothie
I cannot remember what the name of the business is but their smoothie is unique to me because dude, it has beans and mangoes on top. The smoothie under the beans and magoes is made of ice, water, milk and sugar. It tasted like Filipino Halo-Halo but not exactly. Oh, and I also got a scrumptious little pudding for ordering a drink!

Pork Belly Nation
Ron tried this and because I saw the fatty part, I did not want to try it. He said that the meat part was very tender and you won't have to struggle cutting it with your teeth. LOL Will he recommend others to try it? Yes is his answer to that question.

The Paella Artisan
I ordered the Seafood Paella. It did not have the taste I was expecting but it was still great. It had a gumbo-ish taste to it that I thought was good. Ron was not a fan but our friend who finished it for me (because I was so full already haha) loved it.