How Could You Not Want to Come Home to This?

Sometimes, when Ron calls me to let me know that he is on his way home, I get the dog excited for his daddy. On this one specific day, I cracked the door open so Fox can take a peek.
When I heard Ron's car rev up on its way to the subterranean garage, we walked out and waited in the patio. Fox was very serious about waiting for his daddy.
Then Ron saw us from afar and started yelling out Fox's name. The dog just went crazy barking, jumping, bending down, while vigorously wagging his tail.
To reciprocate the excitement, Ron bent down so Fox can give him kisses.

PS, I am proud to say that none of these pictures were edited. Yay for learning how to shoot in manual mode! :)


  1. Fox is to cute. My dog would greet us like this all the time. Now she greets my mother in law like this. Since we didn't bring her with us this time to Germany.

  2. Haha this is cute! My dog is the exact same way (even if I leave for 5 minutes) haha

  3. Aww so cute!!! It's the best feeling when you come home and your furbaby is all excited!

    xo - Sheila

  4. Nawwww that is the cutest thing ever. You can't beat a dogs love. My Lexi does the same thing and she's a rotthweeler x staffy with a long tail that whips you like a chain when she's excited. Best thing to come home to its like a rockstars welcome! xx

  5. What an adorable little pup. There is nothing like coming home to a pet.