Phil's BBQ, San Diego CA

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Being second in line is not bad when you're in line for Phil's. We got there at around 10:30am and we were the second group in line. We did not mind the wait at all because we all heard it from other people and now we're saying it too: IT'S WORTH THE WAIT.

The restaurant has a "fastfood system" and with that I mean you would order from the counter and wait for your order to be ready. I'm pretty sure the meats have been in the BBQ hours and hours prior so they'd be easy to prepare.
Photo Cred: Mika
The taste was in the other side of the restaurant spectrum from fast foods though. I got the Beefy Bone and Chicken with a fresh corn on the cob and it was amazing. Like, seriously. The meat was falling off the bone--that goes for both the beef rib and the chicken. I practically pulled the chicken bone out of the leg and showed it to my cousins...who were all as amazed as me. Haha!
Photo Cred: Mika


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