When Cheap Becomes Cheaper

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When I got $25 for eBay for doing on of Influenster’s campaigns, I decided to try and buy clothes from no-name stores I've never ordered from. I mean, what did I have to lose really? It was kind of free money and there are tons and tons and tons of stuff on eBay that I can buy.

There’s this one top that I have been eyeing on from an online retailer based in Korea (I believe) but I thought maybe I can find it cheaper on eBay so I copied the name and pasted it on eBay. Guess what! I found the same item for at least 50% less! The bargain shopper in me could NOT refuse this one anymore.

Online Retailer vs eBay
Here is also another great example, which I accidentally found while mindlessly wasting time online.
Online Retailer vs eBay

If you have not really been to the depths of shopping on eBay, you might ask, what are the pros and cons of buying from eBay?
  • Free shipping for most of the products.
  • Great customer service – their English is not perfect but they always try to make every customer have a positive experience. They even email to see if you’ve received the item.
  • Super cheap!
  • There is always a variety of items to choose from.
  • Buy it now option. ICYMI eBay is not only for auctions anymore.

  • It takes a LONG time to be delivered because it’s from China.

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  1. I have never shopped on ebay before. That bird top is super cute.