Sneaky Sneakers

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Chambray L/S: H&M. Dress: F21. Shoes: Puma.
I have been eyeing black leather slip-ons (like these: splurge//save) and Ron has been saying no to my incessant asking if I should get a pair. Sometimes, we switch roles on who gets to be practical although it is my role for the most part. We got these his and hers sneakers YEARS ago and it seems as though we both forgot we had them until I looked into one of the places we keep our shoes (yes, we have multiple shoe racks and closets around the house, we are aware of the problem) and found these perfectly rugged white sort of perforated Puma sneakers. I've been looking for a way to wear them and I think I did good on this one. Hence, this outfit being posted here. Slip-on craving: SOLVED.

Sometimes looking deeper in  my closet makes me feel like you have new stuff to wear and I love it.

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