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Thursdays are my favorite week day. They sort of the start of my weekend because it's the last day of the week that I have to go to school after work. Work is fun on Fridays except when our server crashes and my boss whom I share an office with is not very happy.

So Thursdays. There is another reason why I love this day: my shows are on. Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and Parenthood. They're currently my three favorites and Ron knows well enough to let me hog the living room TV while he watches NBA games on his laptop or in the bedroom TV. Of the three shows, Scandal has got to be the most intense one with all the politics and deaths in the show...also, Olivia Pope's style. I don't know how anyone would not notice it. I have a serious woman crush on this character's style and most probably would also have a woman crush on her stylist. They even created a line inspired by her character, which you can check out here. Her style is so classy, appropriately sexy and flawless that someone had to create an infographic about it...


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