Trader Joe's is a Good Reminder that Fall is Actually Here

Took these in the middle of one of our busy errand days while waiting outside the store for Ron's dad. I did not even think of pulling my phone out of my bag because hearing the dslr's click felt much more orgasmic to me than seeing what my friends posted on Instagram. :p ALSO, have a fruitful month! :)
Ron would not let me get any because according to him, it will rot and it will be a waste. so maybe I will get artificial pumpkins to use as decorations every fall? No? Yes?


  1. I think real pumpkins are better. You can always put them in a compost afterwards:)

    Aniqa Dreams

  2. no to artificial pumpkins! look how cute these are!

    a possible fantasy

  3. great photo's Real pumpkins are nice but I agree with Ron they do go bad. I think now of days you can find some nice artificial pumpkins