That One Time When My Dogs' Mission was to Test My Patience

I love my dogs. No, make that I am in love with my dogs. I adore them and if I could, I would stay at home so I can just watch them be silly. However, there are some days when they seem to be testing me. Like earlier this week.

Chippy has this thing where he jumps in front of Fox to lick Fox's face. Fox hates that. Fox hates being surprised, he hates sudden movements. When Chippy did it earlier this week, Fox freaked out and they started fighting. No biting, just straight up high-pitched barking at each other. Of course I got up and pulled the closer one (Chippy) to avoid the fight from escalating. In the process, I managed to put my index finger in Chippy's mouth while he was barking so he left a gash on me. The moment I said fuck and ouch, they both stopped hating each other and Chippy looked guilty as fuck. Strike one. 

I got home that day to find the bestest of doggy friends. Fox was even licking Chippy's face--which is rare.

When I was falling asleep while watching TV on the couch, both dogs were whining. I guess they were begging me to please go upstairs so we can all sleep. I turned everything off, went upstairs and did my nighttime rituals. I was soooo sleepy. But Fox was so irritable. They're not best friends. Again. Strike two. He would scare Chippy away from where he was even though nothing really scares Chippy other than Ron's and my voice. So I asked Fox to be quiet. He became quiet and decided to sleep under the bed...where he started sneezing like crazy, which is most likely because of the dust under there. But he won't come out so I got the treats from downstairs and when he emerged, he followed all my commands and I was able to wipe whatever was on his face that was making him sneeze.

Then there was a minute of silence. I was dozing off then Chippy started to gather all of the comforter. "This can't be what I think it is," I thought. He was trying to hump the duvet. So I had to get up again and get one of their hump toys. In the middle of Chippy's mood, Fox started to try stealing the hump toy away from Chippy. So what did I do? Get up and get hump toy #2. Strike three.

That night felt like I would never be able to sleep. We went upstairs at 1045pm, I was in bed at 11pm and was able to finally rest at 12:30am. These dogs, man. They're pieces of work.

You can follow their silliness in all of its glory here:


  1. sorry your dogs have been acting up

  2. Well, I think they're cute and all but dogs can really get to you... Thanks for sharing!
    I don't feel like I'm alone in such situations anymore.
    Great post!