Easy Peasy

Dress: F21 (similar, similar). Sandals: Target (similar). Bag: Justfab (similar).

When it comes to putting together outfits when you don't have time (aka running late to your appointment), my advice is never over-think it because the more you do, the more nothing looks good on you or the more you need more clothes. We all know that's not true. ;) I have been in that position so many times already that I've realized that the only reason I complain is because I always want something new...which really means I need to come up with a new outfit. 

Sometimes, all you do need to do is put together a few things you've never worn together before. It's that easy. Just think of the closet capsule concept, You don't need new things to have new outfits. In this case, the shift dress is from three years ago, the sandals are from last year and the bag is from over three years ago. See that? Who says I need new outfits?! ;)

Five for Friday
1 – Our friend from SFO is in town this weekend so we’ll be having so much needed friend-time after what happened last weekend [we had to turn back on our way to our friends’ because traffic has not moved for an hour—think 3 miles in one hour].

2 – I spilled coffee on my office keyboard this week.

3 – I take back everything I said about me loving spring forward. HELP, MY BODY CLOCK CANNOT ADJUST. Or maybe it’s just all the coffee I have been drinking.

4 – The $800 PayPal Cash giveaway is still on.

5 – I will be seeing one of my life long friends in less than a month! <3

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Am I the only one who can see how these photos are not of good quality?

I can't wait for spring break! *happy dance*


  1. Your sandals! Love it!😻

  2. Jessi {The Darling Detail}March 27, 2015 at 4:04 AM

    Such a pretty dress Jan!

    xx Jessi

  3. Love your springtime outfit! Can't wait till NC warms up and I can sport cute outfits like this!

  4. Spring is my favorite season! Coffee on the keyboard? I hope it didn't cause too much damage :(

  5. I love how you can just change up accessories to wear something in a new way! And that is a very pretty dress. Hope you have a great weekend with your friend!

    Away From The Blue

  6. Thanks! Got it on sale for less than $10 at Target! ;)

  7. It's so warm in LA right now, I wish I could send you some warm weather! <3

  8. Me too! Actually, I just am not a fan of summer here in LA but the other seasons are awesome. My keyboard is alright :) I popped the keys off just in time for the paper towel to soak up the coffee and not mess anything inside. :)

  9. Yep! A brand new outfit, every time! :) I can't wait to see her!

  10. I love a green purse!! So cute!


  11. Cute dress, love your bag!!

  12. Thanks! I was unsure of it first but my mom got it for me so it became a no-brainer. LOL