Fox is Four

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Our first baby turns four today! We celebrated yesterday with froyo and presents (don't worry, we got two of everything). We also attempted to take a few family pictures but that did not work out as well as we imagined. Fox was like a kid having a tantrum and won't let anyone take his pic. LOL
 To celebrate here on the blog, I'd like to share five random things about this little creature.
1. He is a barker.
2. He loves licking off lotion. Every damn morning.
3. He welcomes us everyday when we get home by barking like crazy.
4. He answers back to us with little growls and barks. When I yell at him, he answers back with the funniest sound as if he is defending himself. I have to maintain my composure though. LOL
5. He loves to kiss and he aims for the lips. He gives sloppy kisses too! Yeah, it gets gross sometimes.
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