A Fanny Story

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I am seriously considering buying a fanny pack for my upcoming trip to the Philippines. Oh wait, I never said anything about it here? Sorry! Thought I had updated the whole world…or may it just feels that way. Back to my point--the Philippines is not the safest place in the world so you can't just wear a backpack without worrying about anybody trying to take something from it while you're walking around, wandering. Just like every city, there are usually good areas and bad areas but still. Wearing a fanny pack I think is the safest way to make sure that I come home with all my belongings intact. Here are the ones I am looking at...

Stella McCartney | Herschel
LeSportsac | Maui and Sons
Kipling | JanSport

My 2 most faves are the Herschel one and the Stella McCartney one. Which one do you think I should get? :)

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