I Need This Today

So today, I need every reason to make today okay because...

Sometimes trucks topple over and spills limes all over the freeway and blocks 3 lanes. Some places have oil spills. Here in Los Angeles, we have cabbage spills and lime spills. Oh well, at least the truck didn't fall over me and I'm already here at work. But wait, I still feel the need to cry over spilled limes...

I could have already been in Barstow, CA or San Diego, CA after realizing I've already been driving for 2 hours...but at least I'm not because I don't really have the budget for an out of town trip.

Driving less than 20mph for 8 miles is not okay. I got to practice driving with no hands though. Yes people, it is possible when your legs are long enough. LOL

I don't think my top and skirt match but I think my skirt is cute.

Yesterday I was in the office from 6:30am to 5:30pm. I need to make myself feel miserable sometimes by declining to leave work early because I want to be there when something comes up in the afternoon.

I got declined to take 2 of the days I wanted to take off. Oh I think I need to mention that I got approved for the other 4 (more important) days. 

So how is your Thursday going? :)

Oh and one last thing, I'm guest posting on Rima's  blog today! Come say hi HERE! :) 


  1. Limes! When someone spills limes make margaritas! And your skirt IS cute!



  2. Crazy LA driving! My cousin actually posted a very similar picture of her sitting in traffic this morning in LA. I used to live there too-near Burbank!

  3. cute skirt!! hate traffic :(

    want to follow each other? :)


  4. We have orange spills here on the open roads. The traffic can be backed up for ages. wow, you're really decimated to be at work for those hours, hope they appreciate you!

  5. Hey! i can't find your email for some reason but I wanted to send this to you...

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    Thanks for swapping with me!



    (note: I will be deleting all previously posted buttons tonight because they will start showing up with the passion fruit placement. SO make sure you do this ASAP to keep your button up there! Thanks!)

  6. ahh that sucks... i love your polka dot skirt!!

  7. Gee that sounds horrible I hate traffic and it's not even near as bad here ;P

    Dearest Lou

  8. i hate traffic but your skirt is cute! <3

  9. love the polka dot skirt or dress youa re wearing, so sweet

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:

  10. Nice post!
    P.S. What do you think about following each other?



  11. Now I feel glad that I don't drive. :) Lovely skirt btw.

    Have a relaxing Sunday!

    Indie by heart

  12. oh my gosh, that long? I hate traffic, which is why I'm glad I don't live in a big city anymore!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  13. Dear Jan,
    I really should pay You some visits much more often, but the time is so sparse that I hardly have time to with my posts! But I have to tell You that I really Love coming here even just to take a look without commenting as often as possible because You always inspire us!
    A big kiss to You my dearest friend - because I really feel like that!

  14. Your skirt is definitely cute! At least you got the four days off. Phew.