I Now Have Four Eyes

I finally got my eyeglasses in the mail! WOOHOO! When Firmoo asked if I wanted to partner up with them in October, I immediately said yes for 2 reasons - one, I will receive free glasses and two, I finally have a reason to get my eye exam and use my insurance. Before I went for a visit to the optometrist, I already had the style I wanted picked out...

A couple of weeks later, this was me in our living room...

Then I went upstairs with my phone to make this video... (please excuse the occasional double chin)

Then I went downstairs again to take pictures. LOL

Here's why I would order from them again:
-First, I got my eyeglasses for FREE. I mean, I love my glasses so I think it's time for me to actually show them that I love their product. New Firmoo users can get their first pair free and only pay for shipping. The site has a great selection for these free eyewear so I'm sure you'll find something you'll like! You can click here to get your free glasses or to open the page to bookmark it.
-The eyeglasses are sturdy and not cheap looking at all. They're also very light and comfortable.
-I like that the glasses came with everything it came with - case, soft pouch, extra screws and the screw driver.
-Well... I already ordered my second pair! I know still not very hipster-ish like I wanted but I really like the detail of this one:
A Little Tip:
For those of you who are iffy about getting their glasses online without trying them - you can go to any optical store, and try on glasses. When you find something that you like, look for a three number code (e.g., 52-17-142*) because those numbers actually mean something and the combination is not just the product code.
 52 is the Lens Width, 17 is the Bridge Distance, 142 is the Temple Length

Have you ever ordered eyeglasses online? How was your experience?

*Firmoo sent me a pair of glasses to review their service. The opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. great glasses:) I like panther ;)

  2. Just found your blog through Rima's! I'm one of her sponsors for this month too :) Loving the new frames! I am looking to get a pair of new frames myself. I will def look into firmoo for some new digs. Thanks for the info!

  3. The only thing I miss about wearing glasses is picking them out. Love your new ones!

  4. I also got Firmoo glasses and liked them a lot! Id highly recommend the comp. also, shipping was super fast!

  5. These glasses are adorable! I wish I could pull them off!!!

  6. You are so cute with glasses!
    new follower :)


  7. So cute and yay for free glasses! I just wish I would have known about that measuring tip!! Goodness.

  8. I really like the green and yellow ones. :)

  9. Cute glasses! We recently got our free pair too!

    Radha & Sita xoxo

  10. Lovely! You look great!I really like this pair on you! :]