Great for Breaks


Oh hi hello world. :)

I'm currently studying for an exam and I got bored...chapter break. Okay yeah, I'm just too lazy. Just got home from a super fun holiday party with my coworkers. I love how my coworkers are all fun people. I got a heatable mug(?) from the gift exchange by the way -- a good enough present for what I threw in the gift table. I hope my coworkers upload their photos soon so I can share them here.

I had a talk with a good friend today about how I hate it when committed guys flirt unconsciously with other girls behind their girls' backs. Then he made me admit that I do it too with other guys and girls...well sometimes you have to get stuff your way you know but I don't do it to the point that I am leading them on unlike some people I know. *smirks* Oh well, I call my unconscious flirting charm.

And to end this, I'm glad JanSaysBlahBlah is not taken yet. I feel special now that I'm the only Jan in the world who's good at blabbing. Is that something to be proud of though? You tell me.