Done with Finals

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I'm done with my finals! I only had 2 final exams but they drove me insane. Now I know, it IS hard to study while working but it is really, really fulfilling! So now I'm freeee! What will I do during winter break? Work out with Tony Horton.

I found the perfect present for my mom for Christmas, one that would shut her up and let me go to parties and let me leave her at home on Christmas day. Wooohooo. Well, I really wanted to get her that it just happened that I found someone selling the item for a bargain price. I'm a happy holiday shopper now! :)

Another good thing that happened today is that Matthew's back from the shop. Matthew is my guy's car. He's a 2001 Chevy S10 pick up. It got broken into last week and a bunch of stuff were stolen from him. They also tried to steal the car but they failed so they just ended up breaking the ignition part of it. I was pretty sad for Ron when it happened but at least he's okay and the car is still there. If he lost that car...I wonder how he would react.

Oh and you can check out photos from our party last night by clicking on the picture of the 3 pretty girls above. On a side note, if you want to make your blog look more awesome, get an account on Trust me, it will help you unclutter your blog. Also if you have friends who want to have a copy of a set of photos, you can just give them a link to download a zip file containing all the pictures! Now isn't that easy?

Okay, time to make my blog look prettier.


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