10 Rules

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I watched My Sassy Girl last Sunday and I loved the part when there were 10 rules on how to date the girl. So I made my own list. I just typed the first 10 things that came to my mind. :)

1) Make him breakfast on Sundays.
2) Be aware that he is impulsive so make sure you teach him how to be practical.
3) His nephew comes first for the most part.
4) He is not very expressive and showy of his feelings. He's not very good with words so you always have to check on him.
5) Crying works on him when you start having a hard time breathing.
6) Show him that you listen, so he'll learn how to.
7) Always scratch his back before you go to sleep and give him massages.
8) He likes seafood.
9) Treat him like a baby when he has his angry face on. Let him spoil you when he's being sweet.
10) Don't leave him. Don't hurt him.


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