Show Off

I LOVE Christmas! You have no idea! I love seeing happy faces while opening presents, shopping for presents and the celebrations! Anyhow, the child in me loves to open presents. I've attended 2 Christmas parties this year, 2 awesome ones! I was reminded of how lucky I am to be surrounded by such lovely people.

The Crackies' (as we call ourselves) Christmas party was amazing. I have not been drunk for some time and it felt like the perfect timing to loosen up a bit. I've got reasons to celebrate you know, school's over, it's Christmas and it's our 1st year anniversary! I got a few presents from the party too! Bernice, one of my long-time (she was my only friend when we moved here, thank Mommy for introducing her to us) friends here in the US picked me as her baby for our Secret Santa gift-giving. I love how she tried to get me everything I wanted but I felt guilty that she got me everything I wanted and went TOO OVER the budget.

Here are the presents I've gotten so far (yes I'm expecting more from the family. Haha)...

Sophie Kinsella books!!!

A gift card to get myself a cookie dropper and a cooling rack for my holiday baking... Yes, I will definitely be baking this week!
Pajamas that I can use while I'm eating the treats I baked and reading a Sophie Kinsella book...

A mug that can be used in a car. Got it from the gift exchange at work.. I can def use this at work or when I'm driving to the east...

A Coach purse from Ron! For our anniversary. He actually got me a netbook for Christmas but I haven't had the chance to take a picture of it yet. I don't think I need to... ;) Anyway, just in case you're wondering how we spent our anniversary... we just went to the mall and looked for presents for our Secret Santa. Haha. We planned on snowboarding but there's a storm right now so we had to cancel the trip and suck it up. We were supposed to go to Big Bear but had to postpone for the Christmas party. :)

That's all folks! What have you gotten this season yet? :)


  1. A netbook for Christmas and a Coach purse for your anniversary??! Okay, I can just dream on because that's never going to happen to me while I'm here on the third world. I love the Philippines but things like these frustrate me. I know it's not something cheap in the US as well, but at least it's attainable! Envy much!! And, Happy Anniversary! <3

  2. Hi Ochi! Thanks! Yup! We were thinking about that too! We were converting the money we spent on each other for the holidays and we were like, "ANG YAMAN NATIN!" But we're here in the US so not really. Hehe. Feeling lang kami, dinaan namin sa pag-iipon...

    The only catch about getting the THINGS you want here is not everyone is here. But at least you can buy a laptop, pay for internet and still talk to the folks there. Wala nga lang intimacy ;)

  3. Diko alam kung Westernized na ba talaga ang utak ko pero naiingit talaga ako sa mga friends ko na nasa US! Haha For now, I'll do with viewing your pictures na muna. Mag-iipon muna ako ng pamasahe at kukuha ng visa. :p

  4. Hehe! Go! Basta naman paghirapan mo makukuha mo e ;) Or magapply ka na teacher dito, they need teachers. Hihi.

  5. Nagpapaalila na nga ako dito para maka-ipon e. Haha! Teacher?? Ang iksi kaya ng pasensya ko, I think I'll pass. Haha!

  6. Hahaha! After mo jn, dito ka naman papaalipin :p Ako rin e, nagpass sa pagkateacher:)) Matatanggal ako agad sa trabaho pag ganon!