Life is Good

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So, life has been too busy and quite good. Ron and I finally got to celebrate our anniversary in Big Bear! Back to the place where we became official! :)

We also went snowboarding and I ate a lot of shit...again!

Before we went, we made sure we had time to hangout with our friends for the New Year! I had the best Cherry Bomb ever (even though I was sick at that time)!

I've also decided to spend more time out of the house on Fridays. Last Friday, I realized how much I love how we all try to eat at the cheapest places and drink at home to avoid expensive cocktails. Haha! Everyone's saving up for something! ;)

Oh and have I mentioned that my NY resolution is to love more, eat more, play less but drink more? ;) That picture above is me buzzed, hence the showing off of the crooked fingers. Haha! I've been also spending more time with our basketball friends and their families, mostly Chie and Nina. They're a really awesome couple with 3 handsome boys. After going to church last night, we went to The Boiling Crab and Crawfish (it's now called the Bucket of Crabs and Crawfish but I'm more fond of calling it using its former name). I ate with 3 boys, 2 little ones and 1 big one. ;)

Joshua and Jacob did not want to sit next to Tito Ron for some reason and they both wanted to sit next to me so I had to sit between 2 little ones. These kids are super cute and already know how to make jokes and stuff. They probably got that from their witty parents and Kuya Justin who sat across the aisle from us.
Ah! Ron also got a new phone! *victory dance* He finally got an HTC Evo, the phone he fell in love with at first sight. Hahaha! I got that from a conversation we had in the car...
Jan: If you fall in love with you're Evo, just give me your iPhone. please?
Ron: I've fallen in love with the Evo a long time ago.
Jan: How about me? Are you in love with me?
Ron: Eeeh. *make the "unsure" gesture with his hand*
Jan: Hmpf!

On other news, when I was trying to wake him up this morning so he could get ready for work...
Jan: I might not see you after work ok?
Ron: *made a sad face while half asleep*
Jan: Why, you want to drive me to LA tonight?
Ron: *made a sad face while half asleep then he made a gesture and asked me to hug him*
And that was enough to make me think today's a good day. :)

Ahhhh. Life is good...and sweet!

Before I forget, I just wanted to share some of my favorite pictures with Ron :)



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