So Stressed

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I have a feeling I've been working too much. Or maybe it's just today. But seriously, I need to stop giving myself shit whenever I do something wrong. It's always the same 2 punishments: eat too much or not eat anything at all. Right now, it's not eat anything at all. In other news...

Don't judge! I'll fix it soon!!!

TRYING to pack.

My desk is turning into a girl zone! Beanies and hats, chick flick DVDs and sunglasses and books and... okay it's a mess I know but I'll fix it before my trip to Baguio... I mean Big Bear next week. I don't know whether I should be excited or for the trip but I'm anxious. We're borrowing Mom's car and staying at this really cute inn we found out about at Living Social. I found out about the website, Ron found out about the deal. It was $165 for 2 nights at the Fawnskin Inn. Now isn't that a good deal? Ron and I had a misunderstanding before this trip too. It's one of those "Now I'm laughing now that I'm thinking about it" moments. He asked me to reserve the room without his vacation request being approved and I disagreed. I don't think he listened to me when I disagreed so he got mad when he found out that he got his requested time off approved without anywhere to stay in. Hahaha! Anyway, I asked him to call the inn and ask if they can do anything about the situation. The room qualified for the deal was already booked so we upgraded to another room BUT we're still only paying for one night. From the Woodland room, we're now staying in the Lakeview Suite! *victory dance*

Photo in photo taken last year before we drover off to Big Bear.

BONUS ROUND! I have a video of me, my cousin and my friends dancing! I love Kinect and Dance Central! :)


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