Past is Past...But Still

Reading blogs of people from college made me feel very nostalgic about my college days. It also made me ask myself what I could have changed if I were to do college again - and yes I answered myself with "nothing major, major." ;) Are you ready to go on a trip down memory lane with me? :)

On Studies
I should have studied more, and tried to listen and absorb everything my professor was saying more. Buying books could have been helpful too although since I lived alone and was always "short" on cash, I would rather but food than buy books. Php500 could get you a long way during my time, it could be a week of groceries or a month of toiletries.

On Friends
I would never ever change anything about the wonderful people I met when I was in college. I was a part of this organization called ANAK-UP and little did I know that they would become a big part of who I am. I am very convinced that almost everything I know about life, socializing, drinking and thinking was influenced by my dear friends from our organization.

Being away from everyone I met before also made me realize who my true friends are. Who threw me a going away party before I left? Who missed me? Who wished I was with them when I miss gatherings? Yes, the people I last hung out with in high school did not do that. However, the people who I hung out with before them did. I'm so thankful that I have them, we still talk. They're still the people I look forward to seeing when I come home. They will be the ones who are going to be invited to my wedding for sure!

On Love
My puppy love turned into 1st true love also happened in college. We went for long walks, long nights studying different things together, long arguments, long conversations and long comfortable silent moments. I learned a lot. If I had made a handbook about dealing with your first relationship, my friends would have loved it. I did not handle everything like how I would handle things now but everything seemed perfect and planned. My parents knew him first than I was introduced to his because he comes from an extremely patriarchally strict family who actually gave me two thumbs up. Hey, whaddayaknow! Parents love me! ;) So despite the heartbreaks, the petty fights, the drama, the fickle-mindedness, the "looking around," I would say, I wouldn't change a thing about my love life either. Being my ex boyfriend's girlfriend was difficult as we started dating when I was a freshman and his "exes" as they called themselves were not very fond of me. But then again, why should I care? They're not the ones I hang out with anyway. (Sorry to disappoint you but no, I will not post pictures about this. My boyfriend is currently far more important than satisfying your urge to see a picture of me with my ex.)

On Family
One thing I would have changed was that I should have went home when my grandpa was hospitalized before he passed away. It was hard to accept that I was not there when he left but I have to learn to do so in time. Thinking about it still makes me teary.

How was your college life?


  1. My college life was pretty much full of DUH-RAMA as I would call it know. Drama over things that didn't deserve any thought at all! Hahaha! A lot of mistakes, but I also wouldn't change it. If not for those mistakes, I wouldn't have met wonderful people who helped me get through it, also people who tried to mend my broken heart like the guy on that photo. Hehehe

    Too bad I </3 his heart, and because of him I met you, too! :)

  2. Haha! True! Remember that text na sabi ko sayo papunta na sila sa bahay nyo? Sila ni Batchy! Hahahaha! Umuulan pa yata nun :) Actually matagal na kita talaga kilala before nun dahil sa stories, di lang kita hinahi-an dahil di pa tayo naintroduce! ;)

  3. Tama! hahaha Natatawa ako dito sa work kapag naaalala ko! :))))