My Amnesia Girl Makes Me Gush About the Boyfriend

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As I am eating Nips from my cousin-in-law, and watching the worst part of My Amnesia Girl (for the third time, it's the part where Irene treats Pol like a slave), I came to realize that I am so happy that my boyfriend uses the movie's really cheesy pick up lines on me. Hopefully he doesn't read this blog so he doesn't stop using those lines on me because they work...sometimes. ;)

Last weekend felt like the holidays were back! We shopped almost all day Saturday and a little on Sunday! It felt like heaven shopping with Ron because he's one of those guys who loves shopping too. He actually used to shop more than I do. I think all the weekend shopping was to get over the fact that Ron's team lost during their championship game. Booooooo! And Ron got hurt again. Don't get me wrong but I think it's a good thing that I grew up around guys who played basketball so I can bear watching and hearing about him get hurt. It's still sad though that Ron's always the one who gets hit. -_-


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