Valentine's Day

Not sure what to give your for Valentine's day? I've listed a couple ideas for everyone. Considering that everything is overpriced these days, this list comprise of mostly homemade stuff or really good internet finds.

1) A Scrapbook
You can make a list of everything you love about your guy. This gift is cheesy, yes but imagine how much he'll appreciate it when he starts thinking about how much effort you exerted in putting the whole thing together...that would make him smile for sure!

2) Baked Goods / Cook for Him AND a Letter
Do you have any idea what his favorite dessert is? My boyfriend loves cookies and brownies - thank God his favorites are easy to make! You can also cook his favorite dish. You know what they say, "The best way to a guy's heart is through his tummy!" Letters are always romantic - no questions should be asked.

3) A Romantic Night

Did he already mention that you guys are going out for dinner on V-day? Well make sure you sleep in the same room that night to make this come to life. Set the mood by lighting candles and making the bed annoyingly neat so he'll get the urge to ruin it. *winks* Aaah, and don't forget the lingerie! Pink and black I think is sexier than black and red. Don't forget to be playful! Start the romance by teasing him; give him a lap dance, hand cuff him. just get creative! ;) I did a little research on Google and here's what I found. Enjoy. :p

Got any ideas? :)


  1. A lap dance :) or stuff for his car. never fails!

  2. Hahahaha! I love the 3rd one too girls! :p