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Disclaimer: I am not the perfect friend but I have encountered people so...

Last night, my friends proved themselves again. My best friend, JM and cousin were having dinner in LA when I gave them a call after my class. I was far from feeling happy and giddy so I asked JM if he could pick me up. I love how I felt like they could not say no, it made me feel loved to the little bitty pieces.

I think it's funny how we call people our friends when they really aren't. More so when we call some people our best friends when it is just a label to give to someone who we hang out with all the time.

He's manly but he's got a soft spot...for girls. LOL.

She's a lot smaller than I am but she's a lot louder and stronger than me. ;)

These guys have been called assholes by almost everyone including me but I love them despite that and yeah, they remain.

Them ladies have always been there for me from 10,000 mi away.

My relationship with my best friends are pretty tight. We can last without talking for months and one IM or text can change that course till we again decide with our high estrogen levels that we don't want to talk and put them through the stress of thinking about each others' little troubles. That's how me and my friends are. I could say my real best friends do not annoy me. I can straight up tell them they're annoying and not hurt them. They do not cause me drama because they already know, without me telling them that I do NOT like drama. Drama is good sometimes. Drama is for media where they exaggerate reality, it's not for the actual reality if you know what I mean. So when someone asks me about someone and I say "I don't know I haven't talked to him/her," don't get me wrong, that's just how I roll. My real friends also don't tell me how I should roll, they give advice and suggestions but they do not tell me how I should be friends with them. Forcing me to be in the mood to always talk to you is one big mistake in Jan's world unless you want me to give you crap about what you just did. If you're not willing to listen to my shitty comments about your shit, then don't start it.

Sisters and the woman who took this picture!

Ever been "friends" with pretentious people? I have. Thank you to my outgoing personality that I got from my grandfathers which by the way is on its way to extinction due to financial responsibilities and getting old. Yes, I said it, I'm getting old. I'm turning 2 dozen years old this year and attached to that are these endless personal and social responsibilities, one of which is knowing who my real friends are. I have a pretty short list right now, that is if you're counting my HS friends as 1 - all 9 of them. I just realized I went way off topic, sorry about that. Back to pretentious friends. How would you describe them? I know everyone is masking something so I wouldn't consider people who do not show their feelings. Maybe people who call us friends on Facebook but are really their to stalk us? Or maybe people who are only our friends in pictures, good times and parties. Yes, maybe those. Anyway, how would we actually know if they're pretending, right?

My first time at Kalapaw on my 1st time back in the Philippines. LMAO. Late bloomer?

How about someone who tried to buy you...ever had one of those? Yeah, those who you "owe" debt of gratitude to. Those suck huh? They do nice things and expect something in return. Kind of pathetic in my opinion. I'm pretty sure friends could not be bought, they're priceless. The only friend you can buy is a dog, but then again, dogs don't tell you when you're doing something wrong. Oh well, maybe life was too hard on them or they just don't know how to deal with things rationally? I feel bad for those people because when they lose their money and nobody is there for them, they will start to think that people were only there for them when they had money which is wrong. Well, to defend those people who are gone after the good times, people need to be educated, we are not paranormal species that know what's going on in everyone's lives. Maybe if they shared problems even if they're not soliciting any advice instead of spending money they don't have, they would find more people to listen to them when they're broke.

Facebook friendship...*laughs* It's funny how Facebook allows you to be "friends" with someone but hide them or block them from your posts right? But I feel like it's a good thing for people who back stab their so called friends. Facebook has also become our own way of telling if someone has a passive-aggressive disorder and anger issues. I personally have used Facebook and Twitter as outlets but I think I'm sticking with my private blog from now on...or this but I don't want to bother you guys with my shiiiiz. ;)

Of course, how can I forget him?

So have you ever encountered these people?

I promise a light-hearted post next time. Cool?

How's everyone been?

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  1. Oh. You were talking about this "Friends" post! Haha Yeah, frustrating. I'm glad you know who your true friends are. :) See you at 1.