Happy Belated Valentine's day Everyone!

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I'm about to leave work to go my 3-hour Bio class so this is going to be a quick one. Let me copy and past the description of my V-day album on Facebook below the photos...

Ron got it perfect this time around :"> Love him!

And knowing that I'm a fatty, he got me craving KBBQ on his way to surprise me. :">

"Soooo, I went shopping with Mommy (who gave us a pack of Kisses in the morning for the "holiday!" YUM!) after work. Ron called me while we were shopping and he was kind of acting weird. He actually asked me why I called him - DUH, we call/text each other when we get off from work.

On our way home, I was connecting the dots...
"My schedule for Tuesday changed, I'll be working from 10am to 6pm tomorrow."
"Korean Barbeque sound good!"
"I left the gym, I'm too tired."
So yeah, I got a hint already ;) Oh and don't forget the oh so familiar sound of driving on the freeway in his truck!

I was actually wishing he would come to LA because I felt like the only in my list here on FB to not have a date on Valentine's day. Haha. And I haven't gotten any flowers yet! Hahahahaha!

Long story short, Ron drove to LA last night to pick me up and have dinner with me, Danna and JM. He also brought a long stem rose for every girl at home. :)

Oh and we watched Just Go With It too :)"

I would say Just Go With It is for people who just want to laugh and feel smitten. ^^

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's day as well! :)


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