Ad Hominem. Ad Hominem Tu Quoque.

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Ad Hominem
Ad Hominem Tu Quoque

People today have become more and more into cyber passive aggressiveness. If you've read my posts in the past, you would know that I hate it when people are like that in public cyber places. It's even funnier when a person attacks you without you having an idea you both have related posts. Here's a story of what recently happened... a perfect example of how shallow and self-absorbed people can get.

Facebook launched the ticker on their page and changed their interface a bit... Lots of Facebook hate status update were posted and so I have been wanting to post something saying that Facebook owns Facebook and shit like that.

One of my friends posted a status update addressed to 'people' saying "Haahaha it's just facebook people, if you don't like the changes stop using it and go out and get some fresh air hahahahahahahaha!" This inspired me to post a status update that goes, "Facebook owns Facebook. Just go with the flow if you're one of their users, you don't own it."

Probably an hour passed and my cousin told me about this ultra negative post from someone who was probably referring to my and my friend's post. It says, "if u dont like my status update about fb coz u think its non-sense then don't even fuckin dare to readt it!!!! STOP HATIN U DUMB ASS & BITCHES!!!!"

Uhm yeah, I didn't even know you posted some status update that was a re-post (obviously since it had correct grammar) of someone else's status update. Later that day, my friend commented on this girl's status with extreme frankness, "Lol! You mad dog?! Shoulda tagged me on this post. I didn't realize you were one of those that posted a "long nonsense" response until a few min ago ... Your not the only one on FB Hahaha!"

This is quite sad that misunderstandings like this happen on Facebook just because someone thinks that it's about them. And now to the Ad Hominem part. Addressing people in profane ways when you're angry is acceptable but broadcasting it to all your Facebook friends (with a grammatically incorrect sentence) just shows how people lack class. Another incident that followed this was that a person who USED to be one of my closest friends (at one point labeled me as his best friend) started talking shit about me and my friend. One comment regarding how I have a button nose, another saying I stink and about my friend? Well, they wished that he was left in the snow when he got into a snowboarding accident. Horrible horrible. So proud that my guardians and my school never taught me to wish for bad things happen to other people despite their  evil actions.

Now the Ad Hominem Tu Quoque part? They call other people haters when they're the one hating. I am a self confessed hater so you cannot take this against me. Haha.

Oh well, I hope these people find peace of mind in talking about other people's families just because the person they don't like is a part of the story (even though the story isn't even true), talking about the bad things other people have said, laughing at other people's expense, etc. 

If you're wondering when all this bitching started, it was when I stopped caring because I realized I had better things to do and that I cannot be friends with someone who think I can be bought by money.

So despite me stopping people from talking about his financial problem, telling one of my friends that he was at fault (re: their break up), silently siding with the other party (please see prior), not meddling with people's relationships, staying away to avoid gossip... despite everything, people would find a way to talk shit about me. Oh well, like I said, God bless their souls.


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