Ignorance is Bliss

Just wanted to post pictures of my nephew (Joshua) and nice (Reese) and pictures that relate to them...
Reesee pie pie

Home-made fudge brownies + milk=joshua's happy tummy

She calls it the "sister hair"
Waiting for the bus
(My Own Caption) This was from when Joshua swallowed his tooth by accident. He freaked out when her remembered his Dad saying that the tooth fairy would get the tooth from his tummy if he swallows it... His daddy asking him to write this letter to make a deal with the tooth fairy was the only thing that calmed him down. :')
They're Angry Bird addicts so despite me already buying the original board game for them, their mommy and daddy decided to buy the imitation for them. 


  1. I loved the note to tooth fairy! :) So cute!!!

  2. It's gold huh? I already told my sister to save the note so we can put it in a frame/scrapbook in the future :)