Shop Till I Drop... the last penny at the register

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I have been shopping sooooo much lately. My sister commenting "You went shopping again?" actually served as an intervention but I cannot stop swiping that blue Chase card. Ugh. This is painful. I also cannot stop eating... talk about PMS. It's is painful to see myself eating everything I see after being so good lately. Our pantry and fridge are not helping as well. We have left over pasta, home made sushi, leftover pizza... ALL THE GOOD STUFF! Hopefully this will be over soon.
No, I did not buy the top. I like the color though... :) I like coral.
I have yet to put these away. Actually need to pack them. I need to put them in my car so I can work out anytime. :)

I'm going to attend kickboxing classes sometime next week! My friend encouraged me to try it out. So despite my TTh classes after work, I've decided to spend my MW nights at the Martial Arts World in Burbank. Hopefully, this workout would make me lose some weight or at least help me convert my fats into muscle so I can have enough courage to attend this dancing class I've been dreaming of at the place right across the street from my office. Well, if you haven't noticed yet, I'm actually giving myself some time to do things I want to do now... probably a result of lack of peer pressure and the drive to try everything (no, skydiving is still NOT in the list) I've been wanting to try... you can also call it quarter life crisis.

This is my friend's gloves from the same kickboxing class.
 The past couple of days have been great, full of smileys and rainbows. School is good, I'm only taking one class, a math class so I have enough time for that plus other fun things. Work is still fun, cannot complain about my coworkers. Love life, we're still trying to surprise each other with random things, a Groupon to bowl, passes to Speedzone, entrance fee for the LA Fair... It's all great, can't complain. My family is a-ok, everyone's happy, I still make fun of everyone like I always have since I was a little kid, I still make sarcastic jokes that make everyone laugh and today, we found out who lives next door... well my mom and Epi (my sister's GF) have heard conversations from behind the wall of our living room. They were not ordinary conversations though, it's what you hear when people are having sex. Hahaha! So yeah, now we can put a face on the moan.

That's Ron's profile's shadow.

I got a haircut!!!
We ate DimSum last Sunday, it was as usual, amazing :)

How about you? How is it going?


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