My Take on Hotels in Vegas

June 2009 - Encore
We went here for my 22nd birthday..and yes it was my first time as well. The hotel was new so it was the "in" hotel at that time. The room was spacious and we got a view of the strip which is ALWAYS a plus! One thing I didn't like was that it's really, really expensive - we averaged $630 a night.

November 2009 - Monte Carlo
This trip was a spontaneous one as Ron wanted to take his mom somewhere outside of LA. We drove to Vegas and stayed at the Monte Carlo. Its name has a classy ring to it which I liked. I cannot remember how much we paid but I'm sure it was less than $150 a night. The hotel was a little old in my opinion, it needs some serious modernizing. I did not see anything special in this hotel.

August 2010 - Aria
This hotel was another place we chose because it was less than a year old. We paid an average of $250 a night (I think). One thing I did not like about this hotel was that the rooms were SMALL. I'm not even exaggerating. The casino in this hotel smelled funky. It was like a mixture of 10 different perfumes - I am allergic to weird smells so I had to cover my nose to avoid having a sneeze galore.

October 2010 - Palazzo
I think all the rooms at the Palazzo were suites so each had a sectional and a king bed or 2 queen beds. I love how there was a "living area" in our room and there's somewhat a divider between the living and bed area. There was just enough space for 2 people to walk in the spaces between the furniture.

April 2010 - Wynn
This trip was for my boyfriend's 25th birthday. He got a deal of one free room for 2 nights on a weekend and we took advantage of it! We got an extra room for our other friends though which costed an average of $500 per night.
That's our room in mirror image.

October 2011 - THEHotel at Mandalay Bay
This is the south-est we've gone in Vegas. I loved how inexpensive it was and how everyone slept comfortably. There was a bedroom with two beds and a full bath with a huge tub and a living room with a half bath. I was surprised that our room was that awesome!

So here are somethings to consider when picking a hotel in Vegas:
The square footage of the room and how many people are going - 725sq feet was perfect for 6 people when we went the last time. That was THEsuite at THEHotel in Mandalay Bay.
Average $ per night - because it's always good to stay on a budget ;)
(Some say) location in the strip - from my experience this doesn't matter since you'll be riding cabs all day. Also, being able to stay in different parts of the strip would give you more room to explore new places!


  1. I love staying in hotels too and I'd like to try each of them even if people say they're crappy. There's always a reason why a hotel is still in business you know :)