Random #1

Fashion Help Please!
Question: I have not gone Fall shopping so... what's one essential thing I should buy for myself for Fall?

Ever heard of "Ballcameras?"
Computer Graphics Group, TU Berlin developed a camera shaped in a ball packed with lenses that is able to take pictures when thrown in the air. It's pretty cool!
Source: Mashable.com

The other day a friend posted on Facebook that Siri sucks. A couple days after, he posted this pretty rad conversation with the app.

Who would have thought we'd be talking to gadgets by now?
Gigaom.com: Could Siri be the invisible interface of the future?
Disney Princesses Brought to Life!

Ever wondered how they would look like if they were real? Yahoo published this article on their home page featuring images created through photo manipulation of the loved Disney princesses.

Side Note: I'm planning to post at least one "Random" blogs to share what random amusing things I've found on the internet. Oh, and to ask you guys for your take on fashion. :)


  1. I think getting a good pair of boots is always a good idea.
    Loved the Disney Princesses link, thanks for sharing.
    The artistry is amazing

  2. what a cool video! Thanks for sharing! You have a great blog!



  3. You're welcome ladies :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!