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The spelling of their brand may look awkward but their products may get you into using your Instagram more than usual!

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As my obsession with Instagram progresses through my work as a manager of some sort in the Social Media industry, I began researching about the websites that use Instagram as the base and foundation of their service. I accidentally stumbled upon Printstagram in the process and fell in love with their products in an instant.

They have Instagram Posters, Miniprints, stickers and a lot more at affordable prices. I'm actually thinking about printing a picture of me and my boyf in Christmas clothes (from last year) and attaching a copy along with the holiday cards I'd like to send out.

I cannot wait for my payday to purchase a set of Miniprints, 48 prints for $12 - that's not bad at all considering it's a little hard to find places that would print images from Instagram. Just wondering if they would let me print 48 copies of the same picture - or customize my order like that. *fingers crossed*

You can follow their company on Twitter and like their page on Facebook to learn more.

Did I mention they ship internationally? :)


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