Christmas [Late Post]

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Just had my 5th Christmas here in the US last week. My family promised that we were only going to buy one present for each one but since my sister and I are giving gifts with our lovers ;) this year, we couldn't help but buy more. Also, my mom and I just keep on saying random wishes from our wish list and my sister and I just kept on buying more. My sister is not the type who says what she wants...maybe because she's not a big shopper and we know what she needs! :)

I got quite a lot of gifts last Christmas and I am extremely thankful. I am ultimately thankful for the food we have as well, my sister, mom, Ron and I went to the Filipino market and just got whatever we can and I cooked maybe 3 entrees? My mom and Ron bought an entree from the local Filipino restaurant and my sister made buttered veggies. There was so much food that it made me realize how much we have compared to the people who are in the middle of hard times because of the economy. The best part of the holidays though was that I got to spend it with the people I LOVE. My family, Ron and our friends. I was the prouf designated driver when we stopped by my friends' apartment at 130am so my mom, Ron and sister can drink. After two hours of shotgun drinking, we had to go because we need to go on a 2hour drive to San Jacinto, my sister's GF's family's house. They were all drunk at the time and were all exhausted - they all fell asleep in the 15 minute drive home. ;)


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