Up The Mountain We Go

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At one of our stops on our way to Mammoth.

I became extremely giddy when I saw these signs!

The drinking sesh started at 2:30PM and ended at 8PM. We just had to prepare our bodies for our snowboarding adventure the next day.

It was his birthday. Happy birthday best friend.. Ulul!

During a break.

For my last run, I got lost. I got myself and 3 other people lost. A little later, my boyfriend got our other friends lost as well. Hahaha!

When we got back to LA, we ate at the Boiling Crab after watching New Year's Eve (which is a cute movie) to celebrate our anniversary.

Fried oysters, clams and shrimp.

We took 12/19 off to celebrate our anniversary more. We went to the Farmer's market in LA and ate a bunch of stuff. Farmers Market is back on my favorite places list!

Here's a lamp I got from out White Elephant gift giving. I LOVE IT!


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