Random #2

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Shit I missed Ryan's Roses!
I love Ryan Seacrest's morning radio show and I hate missing their favorite segments such as Ryan's Roses and whenever they interview celebs on their show. It helps me get through the morning traffic when I'm driving from Rancho Cucamonga. Ryan and Ellen K always have something interesting to share that's why I love them. And they do not really hate people on the show so it's all positive. So this morning, before I took a shower, I downloaded iHeartRadio on my phone and tuned in to Kiis FM!

What's 4.20 a gallon? Gas.
The price of gas is again getting ridiculous. And I have a feeling it's going to get more expensive. Owning a car should not be this depressing! To find the cheapest gas in my area, I use the WHERE app - it lets you see the prices of gas from the day before so you have an idea of where you can get the most inexpensive gas in your location. By the way, last week, I got gas for 3.91 a gallon, it jumped over $.30 in 7 days! RIDICULOUS.

How do you do that to your pictures?
People have been asking about how I turn images into squares and stuff - no, I do not use PicStitch. I use Diptic. I saw someone mention it on either Facebook or Instagram so I searched for it and downloaded it without knowing that a free similar app was available. I got it for $.99 but I use it all the time to amaze people (hahaha!) so it's worth it!


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