Nothing More than $7.

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After Ron worked last Saturday, we went to Puente Hills mall to eat at Max's of Manila and check out our favorite stores there. Ron did not get anything but I got the little trinkets below and 3 books that I am about to read.

Yes folks, I'm staying home today because I got food poisoning from the Sashimi salad I ordered last night - I usually post photos of what I ate for the weekend, but not today... :(

$7. Could somebody please tell me how to use this hairpin?


$2 each! I fell in love with the Dollar Bok Fair the minute I saw it at the mall.
I got so excited, I held tightly on my boyfriend's and and dragged him in.
I was not able to get a book the 1st time because we had to be somewhere
so when I went back, I had to make sure I got at least 3 book. This store will
most probably get me into reading more than I have ever been!


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