Dear Random Things

And because I'm so preoccupied with moving blues and other things in life right now, here is the most random collection of letters...
Dear Friday,
Welcome back! SO happy to have you here.

Dear Bills,
I still wonder how you accumulated. Seriously, how? I'll pay you later today.

Dear Green Purse from Mommy,
Don't get jealous, it's White Bag from the Loverboy's time to shine ;)

Dear Favorite Candy,
Why do you give me a headache?

Dear Apartment Managers,
Thank you for answering your phones

Dear Yoga,
I can't wait to be with you again. See you tonight.

Dear Florence of Florence + the Machine,
Your voice. IT ROCKS.

Dear Lululemon in Studio City,
Please have the headband I've been eyeing on! Talk to you later.

Dear JanMLoves Followers,
All of you are so awesome. All 370+ of you! Thank you all for reading my posts and for commenting. Don't forget to laugh today. :)

I'm seriously having serious attention deficit right now. I feel like I need to attend to everything. Well, isn't that obvious yet with yesterday's post? LOL

Have a good weekend, k? K.

Oh and the current giveaway, have you entered it yet? :)


  1. I loved reading this!


    have a great weekend!

  2. hehe Love it:)I like those small articles, fun to read!
    Enjoy the weekend dear:)

  3. Adorable post, love reading these! Also glad its Friday and strangely enough been listening to Florence and the Machine today, haha. Thanks for your comment, thats sooo true, she does take some 'out there' movie roles.

  4. i like the theme of this post ^_^ cute idea :)

  5. I like your blog Im following you now!
    If you like my blog, follow me please!

  6. Nice post! it's always great to get some inspiration!

  7. love it! check out my "why I started a blog post"


  8. Cool post!! Yoga is so much fun :)

  9. lol... i know how you feel about friday. i think everyone does too! lol

  10. hahaha this DEAR notes are so cute!
    happy Sunday Jan <3. :)

    Pinkbow Icecream

  11. love this post, it made me laugh! :)

    Your blog is great, would love to have you check out mine if you get the chance!!!


  12. It's probably the amount of sugar that is giving you the headache...I was on a candy kick for awhile and started gaining weight. Stopped eating the candy and lost 2lbs in 2 days. I wasn't even eating more than a serving of anything, but the sugar does mean things to us.

  13. Great posts and blog! Come by and let's follow each other ;)!
    See you soon:)

  14. It was so nice reading this. haha. :D Love it. :)