Three Super Blessed Days

Hi everyone! I've been having a great time during my time off. I'm truly blessed to always have my family by my side and to have the boyfriend who's always with me every step of the way. They're truly supportive of everything I want in life and they're there to burst my unrealistic bubbles as well.

Here's a picture of the sunset from the room the boyf picked for us when we went to Channel Islands to kayak and eat seafood. He knows that I have a thing for marinas, kayaking and quiet little towns :)

More pictures to come and the giveaway is ending soon so make sure to enter and watch out for the next one :)


  1. Such an amazing photo! it looks fun! Enjoy yourself!


  2. sunsets are so beautiful to look at specially when you're at the beach *sigh.

    i'm glad to know that you're counting your blessings!