Throwback Thursday

As I was packing the other night, I came across some photos from 5 years ago.

I had full bangs.
I was was 10 pounds lighter.
I was young.

Fast forward to today.
 I have long, unrecognizable bangs.
I am 10 pounds heavier.
I am still young.

Now my moving update (because that's what I've been doing for the past week).

My sister and I are almost done packing.
Check out what we've done to our living room. 

And this is what's in my room.

We're using garbage bags so it's easier to pack, carry and unpack. I've already loaded 6 of those in my car, and there are 6-8 more at home. Plus several boxes. Plus three under the bed containers. Tonight is my last night to pack so I REALLY need to just leave what I'm going to wear on Saturday. Oh and I also need to do my laundry. Yes. It's going to be a busy night!

Can't wait to get settle and have time to blog at our new place! :)


  1. We're moving too, and coming across a lot of old, forgotten stuff! Yesterday, I found a picture of my great grandparents, which was almost 80 years old! Amazing, huh? Our house looks like attain wreck with all the boxes, but you seem to be moving in a much neater way! Good luck!


  2. you look so happy my dear <3
    hope that your new place is better for both of you <3


  3. Moving is such a pain! Good luck with it! It'll be so nice when you get in and settled into your new place.

  4. Have fun packing Heidi... Cute photos

  5. Yeah, look at you today...still gorgeous! Good luck with the moving!!