New Kids in Town


Not really kids and not really new in town but I have never introduced them! Two months ago, Ron called me after work to tell me that he got a fish tank. I was so opposed to the idea of having a fish tank. First because we are just renting this townhouse - I'd rather have a huge aquarium in our permanent house than have a little temporary one. Second, I don't want to end up taking care of the little fishies. LOL.

So one Sunday, Ron took me to the fish store where Daniel the fish guy walked me around to show me my our choices and share his recommendations. I picked the Zebra Danio because they're striped and the Black Phantom because it has a cool name. Ron named the zebra ones Khloe and Lamar and the phantom ones Kim and Kanye. He's really supportive of my pop culture favorites!

We're still so obsessed with it and  every morning, when I go downstairs and when I get home, I ALWAYS check if they're all still alive. LOL

Have you guys ever had a pet fish? I actually have when I was 8 (I think) but I dropped it in the sink. LOL


  1. I have fish too they are such great pets, I dont need to walk them or pick up their poo lol. I started with a small tank with gold fish but now have a nice big tank with tropical fish. I love it :)

  2. Ohhh so pretty, I absolutely love aquariums and fish, they are so calming.

  3. Awesome! Your aquarium is just perfect. Too cute.
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  4. My mom actually had a huge aquarium in our living room when I was about 10 years old. I used to watch all the fishes swim in there. I also likes scaring them by tapping the glass. Little did I know that that was really bad for fishies. I read it somewhere that it makes them go deaf or something like that.


  5. Sometimes I'd love to have a fish but then again, no :p My cat would probably eat it and it wouldn't get anough attention and die. Haha :p
    But at the radio, where I work, we have a fish! We had 5 at first but yeah... radio people are not the best pet-keepers, hehe :)
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    I'd be honoured *read this in a British-accent* hihi ;)

  6. I had a goldfish or two when I was young, but I think they died quickly. That's why I won't get fish now. Enjoy!

  7. Aww cute ! :) My dad has a fish tank and we've had fish and frogs there as long as I can remember, so at least 25 years now. Mt little brother also has this "aksolotli" I son't know english name but it's some lizard looking thingy LOL.

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  8. I have 3 pet fish in my room and 2 in the little fish pond outside. I've had them for about 4 yrs. They're so cute and congrats on owning Kim, Kanye, Lamar & Khloe. LOL. Great names by the way!