Crest 3D White Strips Review

November 1st was a good mail day, I got my first ever Voxbox (and hopefully not the last) from Influenster! It was perfect timing because I've just started drinking coffee again (fall has that effect in me).

Remember that Friends episode where Ross' teeth were glowing? Ron immediately imagined me like that right after he noticed my teeth were starting to whiten which was the morning after Night 4. We were all cracked up at the coffee shop but I made him promise to tell me when my teeth become too white!

I've used Crest Whitening Strips in the past and had no problems with it so I was so onboard this and I was VERY excited. On Day 3, I noticed that a tiny part of my upper gums started to get irritated and bled a little after I took the strip off. I still kept on using the strips though because I can see that it's working and the label said that gum discomfort is normal and will subside.

Ron did not notice any difference in my teeth until after day 5 when he interrupted me in the middle of our conversation at the coffeeshop and said, "Your teeth are so white!" I just laughed and said thanks. Then he made a joke about my teeth turning to so white like Ross' (again). LOL

After 10 strips - I had to use it every other day because the gum discomfort was getting worse and I could see a little swelling. This kind of scared me.

After strip 14, I had to stop because my gums were actually starting to hurt. I was definitely sure it was because of the strips because I did not have the discomfort when I stopped using them.

I felt sad that I could not finish the 20 days because they actually work but then again. It started hurting. :(

They actually work.
They would be perfect to use before photo shoots, holiday parties and special occasions like weddings.
They're comfortable (for me at least).

It gave me some gum discomfort.

Despite the one problem I had with the strips, I would still recommend this product because IT WORKS.

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  1. hahahah LOVE the Ross reference. hahahaha...

  2. ahh! I've been so tempted to get these! I want me some sparkly spark whites!

  3. haha ilove that friends episode with the glowing teeth

  4. I have heard they work great but I have very sensitive teeth and my dentist told me to stay away. I wish I could try them!

    Heeral P.


  5. I love that you mentioned Ross! hahaha!!
    And man I got this box too and they do the same to my gums!!! Glad it's not just me!

  6. Interesting. I have gum problems in general so I wonder if these wouldn't be good for me. Great post I've always wondered how well they actually work!

  7. Thanks for your great review, its such a pity the strips had a negative effect on your gums, could it be because you were possible or allergic or do you think it happens to everyone who uses it?

  8. I'm obsessed with white teeth, but don't have the cash flow to spend on professional dental whitening trays, so this sounds like a great option for me!!
    Cute blog you have and I'm a new follower!! Would love for you to check my beauty blog out if you get a moment...Jennifer |

  9. I love those, I have tried them a few times and they really do work.

    Great blog, want to follow each other? :)

  10. Did they hurt your teeth at all? I always have sensitivity after I use any whitening products...

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    xoxo Sarah Beth

  11. Thanks for the post! I'm going to have to try them!