Santa Claus Came to Town!

Last Saturday, we headed to our friends in the Inland Empire for our annual Christmas party - it's the third one! Woohoo! We ate, played CLR, White Elephant and had a gift raffle that also turned into a White Elephant. Hahaha! We got pretty awesome gifts and I also found out that their first impression of me was that I'm a snob. Yeah, I used to have thinner eyebrows and maybe that was it. I swear, the first time I met our friends, I was shy as hell that I was so uncomfortable because I'm a socially awkward person who could not start a conversation to save my life. I always just smile and say hi and that was it. But of course, as the years went on, we became more comfortable around each other.

Our Christmas Eve was surprisingly busy. We had some unexpected visitors (it reminded me of OTH's Thanksgiving episode where everyone goes to Hailey and Nate's), thanks to my cousin who forgot to tell us that she invited some of our friends over to our house. Haha! My plan for a quiet Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas turned to a party right when our friends got to our house. Thank God we made more food than four ladies and one guy could consume!
At twelve midnight, we cheered holiday greetings and hugged and kissed each other. I (of course) started giving out gifts because I'm always excited to see everyone's reaction when they see what Ron and I picked out for them. At this point, my limb muscles were starting to ache and even had to ask my mom to please stop touching me when she laughs (you know that little harmless punch when they laugh? That kind.). I knew it was the flu and it was already that bad but I cannot imagine leaving Ron alone to entertain people on the first Christmas we ever hosted.
The aftermath of the opening of presents was too much for me to look at considering how little our house is... before I had a panic attack, Ron came to the rescue and started to pick trash up. Oh my darling ;)
My cousin and a couple more friends came over after midnight and the party continued on until 5 am. Let me just tell you this: it was so much fun, one of our friends fell off a stool. Hahaha!

I am now back at work after battling with the flu for 3 days. Yes, only three days (I usually need 4-5 days). Thank you to Tylenol Cold & Flu Sever and Coldeeze. If you have not tried Coldeeze, you have to give it a try, it works way better than Zicam.

It's my first day back at work form Christmas break and my last work day of 2012 and I'm already excited for the New Year break! All the (paid) days off I get from here makes me feel so blessed, happy and giddy.

How was your Christmas break? What did you get? :D

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  1. This looks like SO MUCH FUN!! WOW you guys know how to partay on Christmas!! Thank you for linking up beautiful!

  2. Jan,

    It looks like you had a holiday filled with family and fun and that's the most important! Love all these candids. You are always smiling and so happy :-) Love this. Happy early New Year darling.

    XO Jenna

  3. Stayed up until 5am?! Wow you all had a great Christmas! So sorry to hear you're sick...drink your OJ, hope you feel better soon Jan!

  4. Looks like total fun! & I got a lot of $ which is nice ^..^

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  5. Sounds/looks like you guys had a blast! I can't imagine partying until 5am now that I have a child lol I can relate to you about people thinking you're a snob when it's just shyness. So annoying.

  6. Aww looked like a fun Christmas!! :)

    xo - Sheila

  7. Looks like so much fun! I love your blog. I'm your newest follower. I'm hanna and you can find me at

  8. You look so pretty! Sorry to hear you have been ill. Looks like good times anyway. That sure was a bunch of paper your guy had to clean up!