21 Choices

Oh hello! How was your weekend? Mine was fulfillingly sore from working out (again) - I swear the first few days are the hardest. I also had to deal with some kind of a muscle pain in my right thigh that lasted until I decided to sleep on my left side. When I woke up yesterday, my right thigh was not as painful anymore but I felt the same pain on the left leg. LOL I guess I need to sleep on my back from now on and risk letting Ron hear me snore. Haha!

Anyway, I'm here to tell you about my Sunday night. After a disappointing dinner at Gyu-Kaku (I just was not really impressed) last Sunday, we walked somewhere down the street to this place called 21 Choices.

Their menu was a little overwhelming for me even if I LOVE sweets! They have unique frozen yogurt blends/mixes such as "Blushing Oreo" and "Strawberry Nutella." Sounds yummy right?! Ron let me pick which flavor we're getting - he's been craving for Whole Foods' Banana Cream Pie so I picked that flavor!

I'm telling you girls (and guys maybe), it's sooooo good. It's just the right mix of flavors and the level of sweetness is perfect! It's Food Network status y'all!

So if you ever find yourself in Los Angeles, make sure to drive to Pasadena or Claremont or USC and try this place out. I'm telling you, it's worth the drive and the experience! :)


  1. Geezums! That 21 Choices cup is super stacked! looks yummy


  2. Oh looks so yummy! I hope your muscle pain has reduced and you are feeling better :)
    PS: I am your newest follower and loved your blog :) I have also connected via Facebook as Namitha Kashyap :)
    Do visit me sometime :)

  3. That looks amazing. I wish there was one near me.

  4. Oh yummy! ^^ We have only this one ice-cream place with many berry and candy etc. options to sprinkle on top or to make milk shakes with. It's right outside my workplace and I'm tempted every day!

    Indie by heart

  5. It looks fab <3 <3


  6. Hi sweety, hope you feeling well now...this place looks deliciously fabulous!

  7. wow yummy!!

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  8. Great blog :)
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