Beaching in Winter

I used to be a HUGE fan of going to the beach until that one day that I hated it. It was probably the humidity in summer or the difference of the water and sand in California's beaches and the Philippines'.

Then one Friday morning, I asked Ron if we could go to the beach the weekend. I mean I got a new one piece and I've lost almost 10 pounds so why not, right? ;)


  1. Plleasseee tell your secrets on losing 10 pounds. Marriage has made me gain weight. haha! You look fabulous in that swimsuit. And I hope you love going to the beach again! haha. You guys are so cute.

  2. ohh i just love you swimsuit!!! i'm so excited for summer!!

  3. I live on the coast in Australia and sunny beach days like this we were cheated out of this summer because it just wouldn't stop raining! Your swim suit looks awesome and good work losing 10 pounds! Looks like you guys had a neat day together.


  4. Wow congratulations on loosing the weight, you look great :). I'm so jealous of the beach it looks so nice where you are! it's still so cold here, I can't wait for summer x

    A Scholar Life

  5. Lucky you! You two look so cute!!