A Few Perks of Being a Filipino


The natural tan. Although a few percent of Filipinos have light skin, a lot of us are all tanned out. We do not have to stay under the sun for more than an hour to get a glow. Personally, wearing a sunblock does it's job of making my skin glow. Pasty is a word I never heard until I moved to the US.

We're not picky eaters. I really think this is a good thing because I don't think anybody would ever consider anyone I know "food ignorant." I think this is also because the Philippines is pretty much the melting pot of Asia. We have Filipino spaghetti, Filipino hotdogs, Filipino ice cream (aka dirty ice cream), Filipino curry. Everything I tell ya! I mean, have you seen my Instagram feed?

We age good...except for the balding part. I already feel bad for my future son(s). Just look at my mom, who only wears mascara and lipstick. No, no foundation nor face powder.

When know how good beaches look like. Our country is made up of islands which means we have tons and tons and tons of beaches. And let me tell ya, PI's beaches are WAY better than these California beaches. These California beaches can suck the Philippines' beaches' balls. #Profane
Boracay. I really need to go here when I come home. (via)
Amanpulo. This one is not exactly affordable but still... (via)


  1. Ahhhh stop it you're making me jealous. I wish I was at that beach so bad right now! xx

    A Scholar Life

  2. haha love this list! Jealous of your natural tan. ;)

    xo – Sheila
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  3. i'm with you on the tan part. being a mutt indonesian, i'm gifted with forever tan. hahahaha...

  4. I'm mixed, but I tan well. These winters in a cold weather place turn me slightly pasty, but put me in a sunny climate all year round and I stay nice and brown.

  5. wish i could trade some of the beaches here with your snow there hahaha could use some chill out here,like seriously!
    Now i remember the feeling of being pasty in Maine,the winter is forever ,.
    Im Filipina and love being tan,but it think some are jealous of pinkish rosy white skin too