I Got Two Things on Tuesday

So Ron has some making up to do so he went with me everywhere I went yesterday. After eating healthy all day, I ended up having cheese flavored sweet potato criss-cut fries from Potato Corner and a large cup of sugar free tapioca milk tea from Tapex.

I didn't really plan on shopping (YEAH RIGHT!), I just wanted to spend my $10 for $5 Groupon at Potato Corner. It just so happened that the only Potato Corner by our house is in a mall. We stopped by Forever 21 and I noticed little signs by their huge sale section that said: Additional 30% off so I browsed around and found two things I really, really liked.
Buy it here.
Buy it here.

I got a pair of these cute blue shoes. They're not as velvety in person, they're very subtle and not too loud. Surprisingly, I do not feel barefoot while wearing them and I actually feel like my feet are getting some sort of support. Oh and they don't torture the back of my feet. Yay!

The second item I got that I just cannot put back in the rack is the Los Angeles shirt. I mean, just read it. ;) I am really looking for muscle shirts though. I'm all about muscle shirts and dresses right now. So last night, on our way home...

Me: Do you have a Superman shirt?
Ron: Ya, I got one for my birthday last year.
Me: Can I have it?
Ron: Ya.
Me: Can I cut the sleeves off? I want a muscle shirt to wear when the movie comes out.
Ron: Ya, go ahead.

I cannot wait for the long weekend - We get Friday and Monday off! Does anybody have any fun plans? :)


  1. Cheese flavored sweet potato fries sound so delish! Love the tee...may need it too :)


  2. Hi Jan, so great to hear from you, how have you been hun? Those blue slippers are so adorable, I wish we had F21 here, they have some great stuff. Lol about the Superman tee!

  3. My god those slippers are beautiful!

    justrach.com xo