Help Fight Against Sex Trafficking

Yesterday, the ladies in the office were called to a meeting by our office director. She gave us these cute bracelets from It's an organization that helps fight against sex trafficking around the world. It was such a sweet and thoughtful surprise. :)

Click HERE to browse their bracelets.

All of 3StrandsGlobal's bracelets feature a red seed, and these pods represent a pretty interesting story:
The red seeds featured on all 3Strands bracelets can be discovered if one looks into the pods, which grow on Sandalwood trees, native to Cambodia. The colorless pods eventually dry up and fall to the ground and are forgotten, stepped over like trash as they blow away in the wind.  To Don Brewster, the founder of AIM, these pods are representative of how the Cambodian culture sees a child coming out of a brothel – as trash. But inside these dried up pods are beautiful, glossy, scarlet seeds that in their natural beauty, created by God, represents the beauty in each of the girls who have been freed, loved and empowered with a hope for the future. As each 3Strands bracelet is made by hand, with love, the girls incorporate the red Sandlewood seed in the design reminding them of their beauty within as they proudly sign their name to each bracelet.
So before you go shopping this weekend, check out their bracelets, you might find something you like. :)


  1. Beautiful bracelet and such a great cause.


  2. The bracelet looks cute for a great cause. Simple yet eye catching!

  3. Great bracelt and a good cause!
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  4. What a lovely little summer bracelet and for a great cause too :) xo

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