I Love Alone Time and Long Weekends


Today is the start of my long weekend! I just kissed Ron goodbye (damn he smelled good!) and now I'm on the couch watching Desperate Housewives on Netflix while eating my bowl of oatmeal.

My plan today is to have a cup or two of tapioca milk tea, do our laundry, bake, tidy up the house, read magazines and blogs. I also did some purging last night. I cannot wait until my friends and I have our yard sale. Oh well, today should be fun...in my own way. A trip to the mall is not mandatory in my list but it would be pleasant treat, it's Memorial Day weekend anyway! ;)
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  1. Lol marry a cop and you will have lots of alone time...except eventually not so much with kids ;)

  2. GURL, I have alone time ALL THE TIME. I just met up half way with the Pillow (in West Covina haha) to have a quick Indo Dinner date before he heads to LAX to go to China! I won't see him again for 2 weeks. Boo.

    But I do enjoy my alone time. hehe... I get to do things that may bore him. Like baking. He just likes eating. haha