We Adopted a Pup!

One bright and shiny Saturday afternoon, after stopping by at a party in Pasadena where Ron's mom was at, Ron asked me if I wanted to check out pets in the area. I thought he was just teasing me but after seeing how excited he was to go, we stopped by PetSmart which was less than 5 minutes away from where we were. We met this little cutie at the adoption fair at the store...

He gets anxiety and panics when he is carried (he was abused when he was younger) so he cried when Ron tried to carry him. But after Julia, the lady who is in charge of the cats and pups calmed him down, I was able to carry him while we petted him.

He was not the type of dog we'd go for. Hairy, kind of girly, too little and a little whiny so we said we had to sleep on it before making a decision.

We went to our local Pet Smart the next day but did not fun any dogs we could not take are mind off of. So my husband asked me if I was still thinking about that cute fluffy dog from the day before. I said yes, that boy is perfect for the size of our house, he's housebroken, he's sweet and he has a light colored coat! He seemed to agree with me so we drove back to Pasadena to check if he's still there. And he was!!! Ron's mom was our accomplice while there. She was a rockstar and just kept petting the pup until he was handed to us so nobody else gets him. Hahaha!

After picking him up, Ron got some goodies for him while we waited outside the store.

We've also gone on walks together to exhaust all this little guy's energy. When we got home, he was starving. I (yes I did, Ron was not home when I bought the crate, hehe!) have also decided to crate train him. I know some people think it's mean but I think it's meaner if I come home and find that he ruined something and I ignore him the whole night and scold him without any idea what I'm talking about. It's only been day 2 with him but he feels really comfy in his crate, he actually thinks of it as his den and goes in it by himself. Wiiiin! So, do you have any tips for new pet parents? :)

PS, here he is, introducing himself...


  1. Cute!

    I want a puppy or maybe even a kitten.

  2. Owwww your a fur Mum! Congratulations!! Just dont leave your shoes out x

  3. So cute! Lucky you for finding such a cutie! And lucky him for finding a mommy & daddy to love him! <3

  4. Congratulations!I think it's wonderful when people give a dog a second chance at a happy home.

    My tip is to remember that he's scared. We didn't realize how scared our dog was when we adopted her. She used to nip at us if we scolded her. Her behaviour has changed A LOT since we got her and now we realize she just needed time to adjust to her home and trust us. Also, even when they are housetrained, sometimes they need to re-learn in a new setting. That might not be the case for your dog, but sometimes you have to watch them like a puppy. Enjoy!

  5. He is SOOOOO cute! I'm in love!!! I love little dogs and even more so when they're rescues. Everyone needs a home!

  6. Yay!!! I never saw myself getting a chihuahua or even a small breed but we love our sweet pup!

  7. JANNNNNNN WELCOME TO THE CLUB :))))) Fox is sooo cute!!!! You're gonna spoil the crap out of this little one!!!

    Plus, God Bless You for ADOPTING. I told Rob our first dog together will be an adopt dog.

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