Leaving the House with a Heavy Heart

I left our house today with a heavy heart. I have been experiencing anxiety thinking about leaving Fox (our new dog) alone in the house. I got him a crate but Ron had a great idea this morning. You see, we have a half bathroom downstairs by the living room so he said we'll have the crate open facing the bathroom so he has room to move around in. Ron already bought him a play pen which should be delivered this week. I wish I had asked him to have it delivered in my office so nobody knocks and scares our little baby in the middle of the day.

Fortunately, we can save ourselves from the worry of our little buddy peeing everywhere in the bathroom. He's been potty trained and house broken but we honestly don't trust him with the house yet. Ya know, today is only Day 3.

He's been on two walks today already, one with me and another with Ron. They even sent me a picture (look below!). I wish I work closer to our house so I can come home to him during my lunch break. Don't get us wrong though, this getting left at home is not going to be a permanent thing. I plan on taking him and his crate with me to work so he can basically sleep under my desk and can go on walks with me. I miss his presence already. How do you pet parents deal with leaving your dog/s at home during work days?


  1. Luckily when I worked, I worked a regular job with normal Monday through Friday hours. My husband had always worked nights so Jexi would sleep with him during the day when I was at work and then there we're only a couple of hours she was alone before I got home and took over :). I don't think I could near leaving her if I was gone all day but I know a lot of people do!

  2. zomg. Chimmy must have a date with Fox!
    Gurl, the first time we have to leave Chimz by himself, it was cray. All I wanted to do is head straight back home, hoping that he's okay and not peeing all over. haha... At one point, we will bring him to church (when I had a SUV) during the winter time and have him hang out in the back part of the car, with water and some snacks, with the windows down... and I would check up on him every 30 minutes! hahah...

    it will get better though :) now Chimmy is like the king of the house. such a brat!

  3. Awww so cute!!! I know what you mean. I felt the same way when we first left Kobi at home by himself when he was a puppy. But it gets better over time! :)

    xo - Sheila