How You Doin?

So my week has been about dog walks, making dinner and stepping up at work. LOL WHAAAT? Yeah, someone quit so we need to try to move on and well, get the job done!

Last night, I had a migraine. It started after I played with Fox. Ron was such a darling and took care of the dog and me. He let me go to bed early after giving me Aleve to get rid of the headache. I woke up happy and relieved today to the sound of a tiny dog whining. I ignored him until it was already time for our walk - Ron walks him thrice a day and I do it twice. Here's a picture of us after playing and me trying to rest so the migraine doesn't worsen...that did not work. LOL

My coolest aunt and my mom are coming over this weekend. The funny thing is, they're coming over after they party. LOL And well, I will just be at home waiting for them. I feel like I'm literally raising my mom and her friend. Going to IM my mom in a bit to ask about their plans so I know when I need to prepare something for them. I think it's about time someone makes them a Filipino meal. :)

I have not baked since...last week and something in me wants to punch myself just to push me to bake. Ha!

So how is your week going?


  1. He is so freakin cute, I can't get over it! And seriously, nothing does better for headache/sickness than Arroz Caldo! Wish I knew how to make it or send some to you but frankly I'm at a loss with filipino food in the kitchen...

  2. Hey Jan! I'm sorry you get migraines. They are awful! I get them too occasionally. I want to let you know that starting June 1 (tomorrow) I am inviting my readers to make the switch from chemical, toxic household cleaners to cheap, non-toxic, chemical free DIY cleaners! I will be posting simple recipes that really clean all month long. If this is something you would be interested in, please feel free to check it out!

  3. Hope yu feel better!! Love ur dog!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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