It's a Beautiful Day


Having a dog has brought me to realize how beautiful our neighborhood is. We had late lunch yesterday under the sun in Old Town Monrovia where he barked at everyone. Oh God I don't know how to stop it! He sometimes responds to the QUIET command but for the most part, he wags his tail and barks. I guess that's how he says  "HI, I'M HEEEERE!"

We take walks every morning and afternoon so he can do number 1 and 2 and watch squirrels climb trees. He also wags his tail at the sight of other people. The picture above was taken this morning when everyone was still probably asleep. :) 

I hope everyone else is having a great weekend! I'm currently folding clothes and this sleepy little guy is watching me. Haha! 


  1. sunny days makes everything so much better ♥

  2. cute doggie!

  3. OMGEEEEE he is so cute!!!!! I love those ears!